Women Business Enterprise

Women's Business Enterprise

Buckaroo is certified by the State of Indiana as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE). This special classification allows Buckaroo to offer services to state and government offices as well as large corporations that are required to have a designated percentage of woman or minority-owned vendor participation.

Governed by the Indiana Department of Administration’s Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise division, the official certification provides Buckaroo with the ability to bid for work in the state department, state universities, and casinos.

Our UNSPSC Codes are listed below:

   60105409 :: Brand Marketing or Advertising Instructional Materials

   80141500 :: Market Research

   80141600 :: Sales and Business Promotion Activities

   81111507 :: ERP or Database Applications Programming Services

   81111509 :: Internet or Intranet Client Application Development Services

   81112000 :: Data Services

   82100000 :: Advertising

   82140000 :: Graphic Design

   93141811 :: Promotional Services

Certification documentation is available upon request.

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