Buckaroo Process

The work done by Buckaroo Marketing | New Media is based on our own time-tested, successfully proven, development process. And although the model we follow is the same every time, the resulting solution is always fresh, one-of-a-kind and different. That’s because the model assures we don’t miss a single detail and it enables us to customize every solution to meet your current and future needs.

Phase 1: The Interview

At Buckaroo we respect and value time – yours and ours. We understand you will have questions for us and we will have questions for you. This initial step is critical to determine if there is potentially a good fit between our organizations. Most interview sessions typically last 90 minutes. At which time we can decide together the next logical step and how we should proceed.

Phase 2: Discover & Explore

During the Discover and Explore Phase, which can occur multiple times in a project, we delve deeper. The first and most critical step is listening. By focusing on your needs, we identify short and long-term goals, understand overall objectives and obstacles and learn your business. This provides us with a more complete picture. Not sure what you need or want? We know the right questions to ask.

Phase 3: Scope & Budget

After considering your needs and the options available, we create a detailed proposal outlining the investment and your benefits. This proposal will include a scope of work, estimated budget, deliverables and a timeline. Once you’ve reviewed the proposal we can make any adjustments required to best meet your needs and budget.

Phase 4: Decision

Once we’ve both agreed as to the “how,” we will begin working together as partners, and provide a written agreement and non-disclosure with a detailed “road map” documenting all relevant information. At Buckaroo, we don’t believe in surprises or scope creep. Consequently, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, the investment and the resulting benefits.

Phase 5: Collaboration and Creative

With your valued input, Buckaroo will begin development. During this process, there will be several points when we will present the work completed-to-date for your review and feedback. As strategic partners, if changes are required, we make them. Your continued feedback is essential to our team-concept and partnership approach.

Phase 6: Final Approval

Once the project is believed to be done you’ll get one more opportunity to review everything. We don’t consider the project complete until all parameters have been met and we receive your approval. You have the final word. Your satisfaction is our bottom line.

Phase 7: 20/20 Vision

Since hindsight is 20/20 and technologies are changing rapidly, it is important to review our marketing metrics and statistics on a quarterly basis. Your input and feedback is a vital link to our continued growth and team development. It’s important to us that we continually drive better results for you and your company’s growth.

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